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Concrete…is there anything it can’t do?

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A Look at Types of Concrete Finishes in Calgary

Here at TNA Concrete, we believe that concrete are the answers to many Calgarians’ questions, such as: What should our backyard patio be made of? In Calgary you will find concrete utilized in a variety of projects and in different aesthetics and finishes. In this blog, TNA Concrete explores three types of concrete products you’ll find in and around Calgary.


Your driveway, it’s probably what most people associate concrete with. And with parking at a premium in Calgary, TNA Concrete is your solution for both residential and commercial properties. Newly poured and finished driveways not only increase parking capabilities for homes and businesses, they also increase property value. Sometimes simply fixing cracked and stained driveways will give your property a new feel.

Concrete Patio

A new popular backyard trend is concrete patios. This doesn’t mean that your entire yard has to be covered in concrete, but only where a concrete patio would compliment the backyard. Stamped concrete pathways through backyard are a perfect way to create harmony between grass and stone. A stamped concrete patio gives you the freedom to come up with endless designs and patterns. Stamped concrete can have the appearance of materials like brick and stone, but is a far less expensive and is far more durable with a longer life span.


It’s a big part of your home and in fact, without it, your home can’t even exist! Every home needs a solid foundation and TNA Concrete is proud to be providing that service for over 20 years. From pouring foundations for new inlets to finishing concrete floors in basements, we ensure that the base of your home is secure.

Concrete, is there anything it can’t do? From increasing the value of your home with a new driveway to beautiful stamped concrete patios to new floors in your basement, TNA Concrete has you covered! To find out more about any of the services we offer, contact us at TNA Concrete in Calgary today at 403.850.3219.

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I would just like to describe my recent experience I had with TNA Concrete: I was in need of a retaining wall and garage pad so that I could have my garage built. The weather had been so horrible I thought this job would never get done. But luckily I sent in a request for work early enough that as soon as a nice day hit, TNA Concrete was able to do all the prepping and pouring all in the same day. This team must really appreciate the nice days they have and make sure they get the job done in a timely fashion. Not only that but the job was completed to a high degree of quality. I was very impressed, I would recommend them to any one looking to get some work done.

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