As winter weather draws nearer, it’s time to prepare for snow in the driveway, including all the damage it can bring with it.  The good news is there are a few things you can do to get ahead of the snow and make sure your driveway remains solid and well cared for when the snow starts. 

Here are five tips to follow to make sure your driveway is prepared for winter: 

1. Take care of the cracks 

TNA Concrete - Winter Driveway - Crack Filling

Cracks in your concrete driveway are the number-one reason damage can occur after snow and ice. As snow and ice thaws, the runoff falls into whatever cracks are present and expands if there is a refreeze (which is a common scenario in Calgary). This expansion is what causes cracks to get larger and eventually become holes and/or breaks. 

The easiest way to head off this damage is to call Calgary’s Top Concrete contractors to have the cracks sealed in the fall, before winter weather hits. 

2. Use calcium-based ice melts

TNA Concrete - Winter Driveway - Ice Melt

Some ice melt salts have chemicals in them that can do more harm than good when poured on your driveway. The best option is calcium-based products containing calcium chloride. Not only is this type of deicer better for the concrete, but it also generates heat as it dissolves, making it both safe and highly effective. For example, one pound of calcium chloride, when placed in a gallon of water, can raise the temperature by over 17 degrees Celsius. 

3. Clean your concrete Calgary driveway 

TNA Concrete - Winter Driveway - Driveway Powerwash

Before the first snow falls, cleaning your driveway with a power washer is the easiest way to discover any cracks that might be present, as well as remove any chemicals that are on the concrete that could cause erosion and damage. Another benefit of a thorough driveway cleaning is it will remove any grit, oil, leaves, or rocks that could cause deterioration once trapped beneath the snow and ice that comes. 

4. Check for wear and tear on your tools 

TNA Concrete - Winter Driveway - Snowbower

When winter equipment such as snowblowers sit for several months unused, they often need a tune-up before being put back into use. Any damaged tools or equipment can cause further damage to your concrete driveway. Be sure that shovels, snowblowers, or any tools you use to clean your driveway throughout the winter are in good condition. Even something as simple as a chipped shovel can damage the surface of the concrete. 

5. Keep the driveway clear and well-drained

TNA Concrete - Winter Drive Way - Concrete Contractor

The most important tip we can offer is to keep your driveway as clear as possible when snow and ice happen. This includes checking for drainage issues in areas where snow and ice form unevenly, and immediately applying a deicer when a freeze occurs along with precipitation. In this case, an ounce of prevention is truly worth more than a pound of cure. 


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At TNA Concrete Calgary, we want to help you get your driveway ready for winter. Call us today if you’re concerned about maintaining the condition of your concrete driveway during the winter months ahead. As one of Calgary’s Top Concrete contractors with a solid reputation and more than 27 years of experience, we understand concrete and how to take care of it, and want to pass on that information to our customers.