Resurfacing Concrete Steps

It’s all about curb appeal! Concrete resurfacing may be a suitable alternative if you need to replace your property’s old, deteriorating concrete. The curb is the very first element that anyone sees on your home, regardless of how immaculate your home or yard looks. Concrete is susceptible to wear and tear over time and may even sustain minor damage.

Over time, all the surfaces on your premises may incur minor damage. Is it, however, vital to rebuilding the whole concrete slab? Concrete resurfacing may be a suitable option if you’re searching for a more cost-effective solution. Read on as we share important things about concrete surfacing, including how to resurface concrete steps.


When Does Concrete Need Resurfacing?

In optimal circumstances, concrete would look level and consistent. This indicates that the surface is effectively preventing water from seeping in or providing a solid foundation for the structure. Some concrete floors take a lot more pounding than many others. Garages, for example, would frequently have heavy automobiles going on them. A concrete driveway could be ruined in the same way. In addition, most driveways are not covered, which might add to the total level of damage.

So, when must concrete need resurfacing? Consider the following situations:

1) Flaking

If resurfacing is required, the need will most probably be because of the looks of the floor. People should search for flaking and small pits on the concrete’s top. Scratches seen on paint or other coatings are also a good sign that your concrete needs resurfacing.

2) Spalling

People might take a closer look at spalling on the concrete’s surface. This won’t be too hard to find as It has a wrinkled appearance. Spalling indicates the presence of water beneath the surface. It’s prevalent when people utilize wire mesh in the foundations, or if it is poorly stamped, enabling rust and corrosion to occur. Salt, which is used to thaw ice in colder areas, could be another culprit.

3) Cracked Edges

The borders of concrete slabs are also a significant concern as these can crack or decay, especially on pathways where automobiles put a lot of strain on them. People should check the seams between the slabs for such problems. If the surface is a single pour, check the outer edges.

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How To Resurface Concrete Steps

We strongly advise you to hire a professional from TNA Concrete in Calgary before doing any resurfacing work on your own, as this procedure necessitates a particular level of competence and experience. That being said, here are several crucial steps on how to resurface concrete steps.

Once you have the dry powder resurfacer, you must combine this with water in the proper proportions. The manufacturer ought to be able to provide this information. It’s critical to pay attention to this phase because it determines the resurfacer’s toughness and precision.

A lengthy squeegee will then be used to apply the paste to the concrete. Self-levelling concrete resurfacers are commonly used. You don’t have to fret about levelling the solution so long as you distribute it evenly across the surface.

Here’s a pro tip: Don’t use the resurfacer during wintertime. You can continue the work so long as the current temperature in your location is well above 10 degrees Celcius and the temperature stays above 5 degrees for at least the next 24 hours. If that’s not the scenario, we highly suggest waiting until the weather warms up, as this will aid in curing the slurry.

You may have to reapply a second or even a third layer of resurfacer after you’re done with the first. This is dependent on several different criteria and does not apply to every concrete resurfacing project.

Don’t Know How to Resurface Concrete Steps? Let the Experts Handle It!

Concrete resurfacing is a terrific alternative that can improve the visual quality, increase the value of your home, and give it a fresh look. It’s usually a good idea to hire a pro to assist you with the procedure. Contact TNA Concrete in Calgary— a company specializing in all things concrete to find out how they can help you.