Concrete Repairs

Cracks in the Foundation: Why You Shouldn’t DIY Concrete Crack Repair

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See thin hairline fractures that run across your concrete foundation? While they don’t really look like something that you should be concerned about, these cracks can actually mean a lot more than it seems.  After all, the foundation is the very backbone of your home. Even small cracks can be a sign of bigger, more

All You Need To Know About Concrete Resurfacing

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Resurfacing Concrete Steps It’s all about curb appeal! Concrete resurfacing may be a suitable alternative if you need to replace your property’s old, deteriorating concrete. The curb is the very first element that anyone sees on your home, regardless of how immaculate your home or yard looks. Concrete is susceptible to wear and tear over

Effective Tips To Clean Concrete Basement Floors

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Concrete is a popular basement flooring option for many Calgary homeowners due to its durability and resilience, as well as its visual appeal. It is also very easy to manage and maintain. Just like any other porous material, concrete absorbs water and other liquids which can make it exposed to oil, rust, or grime stains.

Top Recommendations & Low-Cost Ideas For Stamped Concrete This Summer

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Also known as imprinted or textured concrete, Stamped Concrete is a concrete surface solution that resembles stones such as flagstone, brick, wood, tiles and much more. This versatile and beautiful application is mostly used to add beauty and character to outdoor spaces, but it can also be featured inside buildings.  Stamped Concrete which easily imitates

Repair Or Replace? What Does Your Concrete Need?

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Concrete is a permanent surface installed widely, preferred due to its low maintenance and aesthetic appeal. However, just like any other type of surface cover, concrete can crack, break and fall apart over time. Uneven concrete surfaces and cracks pose a safety hazard and significantly lower the value of a place. TNA Concrete is a