The True Cost Of Home Demolition In Calgary

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You know that old house you've been itching to tear down? Sure, it's seen better days, but demolishing an entire house is no small feat. Before you haul out the sledgehammer, you need to understand the true cost of home demolition in Calgary. Tearing down walls and ripping up floors is only part of the equation.

Concrete Design for Accessibility and Disabilities: Tips for Inclusive Spaces


In today's world, inclusivity and accessibility are becoming increasingly important aspects to consider in all areas of design and construction. Concrete, being a versatile material, has become a popular choice for creating accessible spaces that cater to individuals with disabilities. Even small details, such as stamped concrete designs and precast concrete steps, can make a

Can You Wash Your Car in Your Driveway in Calgary?

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The Simple Answer is “Yes,” But There’s More to It Than That Technically, you can wash your car in your driveway in Calgary BUT you need to install an interceptor system permitted by the city to remove debris like oil and filth from the water before it reaches the stormwater drainage system. Without the interceptor

How Concrete Can Help Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Cool


As the dry heat of Calgary summer descends upon us, finding respite indoors with the A/C blasting isn’t the only solution. Concrete, a widely-used construction material, might not be the first thing that comes to mind when seeking refuge from the sun's relentless rays, but its remarkable properties can actually help cool outdoor areas. In

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Concrete Pool Deck for Summer


Your pool may be overlooked pretty much the entire year, but when summer in Calgary rolls around, there's nothing quite like taking a dip in the cool water.  To ensure your concrete pool deck is safe and ready for swimming, it's important to do a little bit of preparation beforehand. This guide will help

How To Choose The Best Stamped Concrete Patterns For Your Home Exterior


Ready to revamp your home exterior? It's time to get creative and consider stamped concrete.  Property owners often choose stamped concrete for its durability and affordability. But it's also an opportunity to be creative and express your unique style —after all, everything from simple stone patterns to intricate designs can be created with stamped

Cold Weather Concreting Like A Pro: How To Pour And Cure Concrete In Winter


Concrete is a popular building material for good reason. It's strong, durable, and cost-efficient. However, the material can be more challenging to work with in cold weather. In order for concrete to cure and reach its maximum strength at freezing temperatures, it must be well-protected. You'll need to take extra measures when pouring and curing

Cracks in the Foundation: Why You Shouldn’t DIY Concrete Crack Repair

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See thin hairline fractures that run across your concrete foundation? While they don’t really look like something that you should be concerned about, these cracks can actually mean a lot more than it seems.  After all, the foundation is the very backbone of your home. Even small cracks can be a sign of bigger, more

Concrete Solutions: Tips To Prevent Concrete Damage


Your home’s concrete works are as important as any other feature installed on your property. Taking care of it can help prevent additional costs in the long run, and properly maintaining it can prevent further damage from trickling in. Here are crucial tips to maintain your concrete: Inspect Your Concrete Regularly Have you noticed any