Managing Construction Waste For A Picture-Perfect Site


You've done the dirty work. Now, it's time to clean up. After the dust has settled and the final hammer has been struck, there's one last step in the construction process - managing waste.   After all, effective site cleanup is about more than just aesthetics. It's an integral part of the construction process with lasting

The True Cost Of Home Demolition In Calgary

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You know that old house you've been itching to tear down? Sure, it's seen better days, but demolishing an entire house is no small feat. Before you haul out the sledgehammer, you need to understand the true cost of home demolition in Calgary. Tearing down walls and ripping up floors is only part of the equation.

Dispose or Reuse: What Happens to Waste Materials After Demolition?


Demolition is a huge part of the construction industry. But it's also one of the most wasteful aspects of it. Though few construction materials can be salvaged and repurposed after demolition, a handful still goes from construction sites to landfills. A study about demolition waste management in Canada found that the waste from construction

5 Essential Steps to Prepare for a Demolition Project


Here's one thing we know about every successful demolition project: it starts with careful preparation. And this is a step that we take seriously here at TNA Concrete. Before we ever break ground on a project, we make sure to take a step back and plan out the entire process. Do you want to know

What Do Demolition Contractors Do?

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Do you have a property that needs to be demolished? If so, demolition contractors can help! Demolition contractors are at the front line of a project. They're responsible for taking down structures, clearing debris, and removing hazardous materials. When it comes to demolition work, there's no such thing as being too careful. That's why hiring