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Cold Weather Concreting Like A Pro: How To Pour And Cure Concrete In Winter

Concrete is a popular building material for good reason. It's strong, durable, and cost-efficient. However, the material can be more challenging to work with in cold weather. In order for concrete to cure and reach its maximum strength at freezing

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Dispose or Reuse: What Happens to Waste Materials After Demolition?

Demolition is a huge part of the construction industry. But it's also one of the most wasteful aspects of it. Though few construction materials can be salvaged and repurposed after demolition, a handful still goes from construction sites to

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Cracks in the Foundation: Why You Shouldn’t DIY Concrete Crack Repair

See thin hairline fractures that run across your concrete foundation? While they don’t really look like something that you should be concerned about, these cracks can actually mean a lot more than it seems.  After all, the foundation is the

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