Does Your Concrete Driveway or Patio Need a Makeover? 

Here’s How to Make That Happen

Does your concrete patio, driveway, or pool area need a makeover? Are you tired of looking at cracks, discoloration, surface imperfections, or outdated finishes? 

If so, you’re right where you need to be. 

Most people assume that if any of these imperfections or time-worn problems are present in concrete, then the best option is to tear it out and replace it. However, what many don’t know is that there are ways to repair and resurface concrete that will not only save you money – it will also eliminate a lot of problems related to the disposal of the old concrete. 

Ways to resurface concrete 

There are ways to completely resurface concrete to give it a fresh, upgraded look without having to tear it out. These include stains, patterns, stencils, and even engravings that offer a modern finish without the cost of completely refurbishing a concrete area. 

The important questions to ask regarding whether a concrete area can be resurfaced are: 

  • Are there significant cracks? (Some of these can be covered by a polymer prime and base coat, but not all can.) 
  • Is the underlying concrete sound? 
  • Is there damage from freezing and thawing? 
  • Are there underlying soil problems that should be addressed with a new concrete surface? 

If any of these issues are present in the underlying concrete, it would likely be better to remove it and relay it. Otherwise, you will have reoccurring damage that will require extensive upkeep often. 

The process that goes into resurfacing concrete requires the right coat on top of a solid existing surface. First, the surface will be entirely cleaned, then grinded (if necessary) to obtain a smooth finish. Following this, any cracks that are seen will be filled (if possible) to ensure that the concrete resurfacing is steady. 

Following this step of refilling cracks or chips with polymer, we would apply a coating of either concrete, epoxy, or acrylic, depending on the specific look you are going for.  We can also fill faded spots, spalling, or any other type of damage, as long as it isn’t too extensive. The last step is a high-quality sealer for protection. 

What types of concrete spaces can be resurfaced?

We have completed a variety of resurfacing jobs for our clients, including: 

  • Slip-resistant Pool Decks
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Entryways
  • Porches

These areas of your home or business are where you welcome your guests (or clients), and should be maintained to ensure top standards of quality and aesthetics. 

How long can I expect the process to take to resurface concrete?

The amount of time required to resurface concrete depends on the size of the job, as well as the damage present on the existing concrete structure. Taking advantage of our free estimate is always a good idea to get the process started.  

We guarantee our work and ensure that whatever resurfacing coating we use maintains the highest standards in the industry.  That means that your resurfaced deck, patio, driveway, or porch area will include a sealer to keep out things like oil spills, debris, chlorine damage, UV rays, etc.

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