With so many businesses offering concrete and cement services and not knowing what to look out for, it can be hard for you to find the right contractor. It is imperative to be aware of important information when seeking a concrete contractor for your project. The great news is that there are established companies like TNA Concrete which has been in operation for over 28 years, providing residents of Calgary unmatched concrete services and ready to assist you on any project, big or small. To get the perfect concrete contractor in Calgary, base your criteria of choosing a contractor on the following considerations:


Your concrete project will run well if you go for a reliable concrete contractor with years of experience. Choose a contractor that is skilled in formulating and mixing concrete for different projects. A skilled contractor should conduct complex concrete services and minor ones such as void filling, crack repair, raising and levelling, and grinding of the concrete. 


Although many great contractors in Calgary have just started, some of them lack project references. With almost 30 years in concrete, we can proudly say that we have worked with just about everyone. It is wise to go for qualified contractors who readily share their references and portfolio of past projects. References will give you an idea of the quality of work you can expect from the contractor. At TNA Concrete, you will be able to view our portfolio and past projects that will reflect our superior workmanship in various projects.

Brand Reputation And Reviews

You can get reviews from performing a quick search on “Google My Business” or you can look up companies at Better Business Bureau to find out how the company & its services are rated. TNA Concrete has a great reputation and with us, you are guaranteed of getting the job done professionally. 

Years Of Service

A construction company that has been around for as many years as TNA in the same industry will undoubtedly deliver to your expectation if not go beyond. The more time you spend doing something, the more you get better at it. With years of commercial and industrial experience, we can develop innovative ways of creating strong relationships and even stronger concrete projects to suit different project needs. 


If you are still in doubt about the credibility and expertise of the contractor, go ahead and request their business license and certificates. These documents will show if the company is operating legally as well as confirm its years of service.


A reliable concrete contractor in Calgary should own vehicles and equipment to ensure the successful and timely completion of the job. Look through their website or gallery and confirm if they have equipment like drum mixers and appropriate trucks to minimize delays in completing your jobs. You can even call them to inquire about the capabilities of their machine and equipment to ensure that it suits your project needs

Acknowledging Your Project Type And Needs

Concrete needs are different depending on the project. This can involve things like a garage floor, a driveway or house foundation, and so on. Choose a contractor that has specialized expertise in your cement project. TNA Concrete has expertise in a wide variety of concrete projects such as concrete foundations, stamped concrete, concrete repair, custom concrete work, and much more and we can handle your cement project of any size! 


Financial Implications


Consider your budget when searching for a contractor in Calgary. Get quotes and estimates from different contractors to get a basic understanding of the average cost your project will take. It is advisable to get a contract that uses ready-mix concrete. Ready-mix concrete has several advantages. For instance, you will need less workforce, therefore, spend less on labour costs. This specially formulated mix minimizes material waste on the site and minimizes the time taken to complete the project since it is just a matter of delivering and pouring. If you opt for ready-mix concrete, ensure that it is of high quality to ensure that your project will last long. 


It will give you great peace of mind knowing that your contractor is insured and that you are protected from liability and financial losses if any unfortunate thing occurs during construction. At TNA concrete we guarantee satisfaction and will do several walk-throughs along the project process to ensure that the work is done on time, on budget, and according to regulations.


A good concrete contractor in Calgary should have a physical location that you can drop by. Be wary of online businesses that claim to operate in Calgary but have no physical base. At the very least they should have a yard or a physical address where they store all of their equipment. Often, you will find some companies subcontract the workout and this could lead to uncovered problems down the road

Service Delivery

The whole construction process should be smooth and seamless. To ensure that you are fully satisfied, and your project is completed according to plan, the contractor you settle for should offer amazing customer service and a timely delivery schedule. They should be able to answer all of your questions and provide you with recommendations on how to get prepared for your project and the steps involved along the process.

TNA Concrete has built a credible name for itself over the years, offering comprehensive interior and exterior concrete work. Our specialized concrete technicians have years of experience in mixing and pouring different concrete formulations for different projects. If you want your concrete project to be handled professionally and serve you for a long time, get in touch with us today.