Snow has finally arrived and you’re probably more than ready to enjoy the winter wonderland that is your front yard. But just blink, and before you know it, the winter scene has completely taken over the whole landscape. Even more alarming, the snowfall might not be showing signs of letting up!

So now, you probably need to do something so that you can enjoy your yard again – and quick! The good news is that you don’t have to do this all by yourself. There are concrete landscape services providers out there that offer professional snow removal during the winter months.

But here’s the thing: not all of these companies are created equal – so what should be considered before hiring one?

This post will cover 5 things to consider when hiring a professional snow removal company:


1.       Make sure that their equipment is complete and up-to-date

One of the biggest factors worth considering when hiring concrete landscape services for snow removal is their equipment.

Not only should you be looking at their truck size, but also what they’re using to remove the snow itself. For example: are they using shovels or plows? Shovels can work well for lighter amounts of snow (up to a couple of inches), while big trucks with mechanical blades typically get the job done much faster. 

The snow removal companies to consider are those with equipment that can remove snow quickly, regardless of how deep it is or what type of surface you have in your yard. Their equipment should be safe to use regardless of the surface – whether it’s concrete driveways, concrete sidewalks, concrete patios, or slabs.

2.       Consider their communication skills

Of course, the contractor that you choose should be able to communicate effectively. This is important because they should be able to accommodate and comply with all of your instructions and requests.

 Even at the get-go, they should be able to: 

  • Answer your calls and emails promptly (preferably, within a day) 
  • Give you an accurate timeframe of when the concrete snow removal job will take place, as well as how long it will take
  • Provide clear pricing that includes all necessary services
  • Answer your questions accurately and honestly. 

If the company you are eyeing is unable to do this, then they’re likely not the right one for you!

 And it’s not just about their verbal communication skills too. Even their written communication (which you can read on their contract) should be clear and leave no room for confusion. 

3.       Check if they’re insured

Another important factor to consider when hiring a snow removal company is their insurance, especially if you have a large amount of property or maintain your property with concrete landscape service providers.

Not only will the contractor’s insurance protect your property in case something happens during snow removal, but it will also cover both you and the contractor in case of any accidents. 

Make sure that they’re insured, bonded, and licensed to provide this service before hiring them – otherwise, there’s a lot at risk.

4.       Check for references & reviews

Don’t forget to check the contractor’s references as well as their reviews too! First, they should have references that you can contact, as well as reviews from previous customers.

 Not only will this allow you to check out the quality of their work for yourself (and get a good idea if they’re someone worth hiring), but it’ll also give you insight as to what to expect.

This is especially helpful if you’re looking for concrete landscaping services and don’t know where to start – just check out previous clients’ reviews on their website! 

5.       Find a company that does more than just offer snow removal

Is your property big and complex? If so, it would be best to find a landscaping company that is not only adept at concrete snow removal but also capable of providing other types of concrete services such as concrete patio installation, concrete driveway sealing, concrete sidewalk repair work, etc.

 Not only is this convenient for you since it’s one company that can handle all of your concrete landscape needs – but it also saves time and money because they have the tools to complete multiple concrete landscape services at once!

Not to mention, they’ll know how to go about the job safely without damaging your landscape.

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