When you think of improvements to be made around your home and yard such as landscaping in Calgary, winter is not generally the best time that comes to mind. Not only does winter weather make everything harder, but the buildup of snow and ice in your backyard also don’t make an optimal timing for any landscaping to be done. That’s why the best time to take care of your yard’s hardscaping is winter. 

What is Hardscaping? 

Hardscape elements are different from landscaping in Calgary. Hardscape elements around your home are elements that define the use of space in outdoor areas. This includes everything from a driveway, to fences and decks, or even patios. There really is no limit to the ways you can change the hardscaping to allow for a more pleasing atmosphere (or location for softscaping/landscaping) once spring arrives. 

Hardscaping includes: 

  • Stone retaining walls laid by a Calgary concrete company that are used to create planting areas or smoothen out sloped land.
  • Flagstone patios for a low-cost, natural patio option. 
  • Tile patios to enliven a plain concrete slab. 
  • Wooden arbors or gazebos to provide shade and upward climbing posts for vines.
  • Pergolas to offer the same sort of outdoor retreat as a gazebo, only it is attached to another building. 
  • Stone walkways for garden paths, meditation areas, or enjoying other landscaping in Calgary.
  • Gravel paths for a low-cost alternative to brick, concrete, or stone walkways.
  • Stone landscape steps for natural outdoor steps.
  • Metal fences made with coated steel or iron. 
  • Wooden fences for a versatile fencing element.
  • Wooden decks for a relaxing patio space that immediately puts you in touch with nature.
  • Concrete patios in Calgary for a low-maintenance and versatile patio element.
  • Brick patios for a more upscale take on the concrete patio.
Calgary Hardscaping - TNA Concrete

Calgary Hardscaping – TNA Concrete

Why Winter? 

If you’re convinced that adding a hardscaping element is a great choice for your home, here are a few reasons why you should choose winter to execute those plans, especially if you want a concrete patio in Calgary.  

Less Damage to Your Existing Landscaping 

Creating hardscapes requires a lot of excavation that will inevitably damage the existing landscaping in those areas, which is best to ensure that an experienced concrete company in Calgary does the work for you. Once spring planting begins, many homeowners landscape around their yard without considering future hardscaping they might want to put in.  That’s why fulfilling your hardscaping plans in the winter is great timing — you haven’t planted yet for spring and the grass or vegetation that is already there will likely be dead from the seasonal temperature. That means less damage to your existing landscaping. 

Hardscaping Takes Time 

When installing a patio or other hardscape element around your home, it’s easy to get frustrated with the fact that it’s a time-consuming process.  Most projects will not happen overnight, especially if you want a new concrete patio in Calgary, and very few will happen within a week. This means that the area you are hardscaping might be in disarray or in the process of excavation for several days or weeks, which can be hard to sit and wait through when you have the spring itch to landscape your yard. 

Since most of our plans for outdoor activities like bonfires, birthday parties, or family gatherings also happen during non-winter months, it also makes winter the ideal time to finish the hardscaping that needs to be done to make those activities even more enjoyable. As the top concrete company in Calgary, we’ll help you get the job done just in time to enjoy spring with your loved ones.