Concrete is a permanent surface installed widely, preferred due to its low maintenance and aesthetic appeal. However, just like any other type of surface cover, concrete can crack, break and fall apart over time. Uneven concrete surfaces and cracks pose a safety hazard and significantly lower the value of a place. TNA Concrete is a professional concrete contractor that offers comprehensive concrete services that include concrete replacement and concrete repair in Calgary. Whether the damage is on the surface level or extends deep into the structure base, we have the experience to handle any cement damage on your surfaces.

Factors That May Cause Damage To Concrete

  • Heavy traffic or loads on the surface cause weakening and poor ground support that is insufficient to support the concrete as well as the pressure of constant traffic.
  • The expansion and contraction of soil can cause gaps or unevenness of the slabs. When left unattended to, rodents or other animals find their way under the cement, making it lose balance and eventually it may cause sinking.
  • Concrete can deteriorate with poor maintenance over time.
  • The cement dried faster than recommended. Concrete should not dry very fast as this will make it weak and more prone to cracking. To prevent this from happening, stall the drying process by spraying water or applying a curing agent. The process when concrete turns from liquid to solid should be slow and not rushed by any means.
  • The concrete strength was not strong enough for the surface and purpose. Depending on the project, the concrete should be mixed and poured proportionate to the project. For instance, a driveway will need a less strong concrete mix than the foundation of a multi-story building.
  • Poor mixing of the cement. This is where excess water is present in the concrete mix.
  • Location of the expansion joints. if the joints are not appropriately spaced, contraction will occur, which can further lead to cracking
  • Poor installation of subgrade


Also known as concrete raising, concrete repair is when the damaged concrete is repaired by injecting reinforcement material through small drilled holes in the concrete. In this case, concrete repair is preferred due to the benefits it offers, such as

  • It is more cost-efficient than a full replacement.
  • The process takes little time, and the repaired surface can be used immediately after the repair.
  • Digging is not always involved, so it does not result in any change or damage to your landscape. 
  • It quickly restores concrete to the original level.

Situations that are good for repair include where the cracks are few and thin. When the cracks are too deep and reach the sub-base, the weak points will be affected, and further deterioration will occur. Small cracks that have not settled do not need a replacement. In some situations, sunken concrete can be fixed by repair. Sinking is caused when the concrete is burdened with heavy loads. 

The repair will not work if the sub-base is severely damaged, as this situation will call for the entire concrete to be removed so that a new sub-base can be placed. As experts in concrete repairs in Calgary, we will assess the damage and advise if a repair will work for your concrete project. 


Concrete surfaces can now be levelled, strengthened, filled, and livened without a complete makeover by removing the concrete and replacing it. Replacement is usually recommended when a large surface area is affected. For instance, the driveway or sidewalk with time gets multiple cracks, potholes. Replacing will reduce costs and time if there is a huge space to fix. This will help to minimize future issues. Several situations call for a replacement. They include:

  • If the affected area is large or the damage is too deep, then replacement is recommended. It is advisable to let a professional assess the damage to know the best solution for your case.
  • If there are wide and deep cracks that are settled, this signifies a more profound problem and should be replaced. Cracks are dangerous as they will allow water and other substances which will slowly destroy the foundation of the cement. If multiple cracks are present, a replacement will be a cost-efficient and appropriate solution. If the cracks are tiny, you can fix them by simply patching them up with a layer of concrete. 
  • If your concrete has sunk more than eight inches in uneven or sunken cases, then a replacement will be necessary. Factors that may give rise to sinking or uneven concrete include frost damage and a subgrade that had not been levelled when the concrete settled.
  • Another scenario where we highly recommended replacement is when the concrete slab is aged. When the concrete is older, the surface is likely badly damaged for a simple repair to fix. 

Here at TNA Concrete, we believe that replacement will not only add longevity but also beautify or restore the concrete surface to its original attractive appearance.


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Replacement Or Repair…What Will It Be?

 Despite being strong, concrete will bow down to the pressures mounted on it and develop cracks just like any other substance. Exterior surfaces; the driveway, patio, or sidewalk are more prone to damage, but the interior surfaces should not be ignored. Despite being protected from natural elements such as rain, heat, and wind, interior surfaces in the home can also be exposed to wear and tear over the years. 

The main factor to consider when choosing the best solution for your concrete issue will be the sub-base. If this is still intact, you can choose either replacement or repair depending on your needs, concrete surface, and budget. 

Replacing gives your concrete a new surface that guarantees you the benefits and durability that a new flooring offers. Repairing can be attractive if you are restricted with resources, but it will cost you dearly in the long run as you will keep doing repairs here and there.

While replacement may be valued more than repair work, it should be noted that both are sustainable solutions. Repair products used by our skilled concrete repair Calgary contractors have been enhanced to offer more concrete repair options and guarantee long-lasting results.


Tips When Performing Repair Or Replacement

As a highly reputable concrete contractor in Calgary, we advise and apply the following tips to ensure that your surface looks brand new after repair or replacement.

  • During repair, to create a great and clean bonding surface for the concrete, use a high-powered pressure washer to remove any loose dirt or cement.
  • Get rid of any damaged concrete around the crack and clean with a fine brush before any repair work on cracks
  • During repair work, do not fill in the expansion joints when using the resurfacer. 
  • To ensure that the concrete does not contract and shrink during replacement, make sure you wet the sub-base.
  • When making a replacement on a concrete slab, make sure it reaches the expansion joints to prevent unevenness or imbalance

Contact TNA Concrete to get a professional assessment of your specific concrete issue. We will advise you and give you options that you can choose. We embrace the latest concrete trends and use the finest cement products to ensure that the results of your concrete projects are durable with a perfect finish.