You know that old house you’ve been itching to tear down? Sure, it’s seen better days, but demolishing an entire house is no small feat. Before you haul out the sledgehammer, you need to understand the true cost of home demolition in Calgary. Tearing down walls and ripping up floors is only part of the equation.

There are permits to pull, waste to haul away, and land to clear and grade. And that’s not even considering any surprises lurking in the walls, like asbestos, that require specialized removal. While do-it-yourself demolition may seem tempting, hiring professionals is worth the investment to complete the job thoroughly and safely.

So before you swing that first hammer, crunch the numbers to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting into. Demolition may be necessary to build a dream home, but go in with eyes wide open – it will cost you.

Factors That Influence Full Home Demolition Costs In Calgary

Manpower used for heavy equipment and manual labour, even as simple as removing stucco from a wall, can rack up costs for home demolition.

When it comes to tearing down your house, the costs can vary widely depending on several factors.

Size and Type of Structure

The larger and more complex your house, the higher the demolition bill. Tearing down a basic bungalow will cost far less than demolishing a multi-level home. The materials used, like wood versus concrete, also impact the price tag.

Permits and Inspections

You’ll need permits to demolish a house in Calgary legally. Permit fees average $1.52 per square meter, plus a $112 admin fee and a 4% safety code fee. Inspections add to the total cost.

Site Preparation

Before swinging a wrecking ball, contractors prepare the site. This includes disconnecting utilities, testing for asbestos, protecting trees, and securing the property. These prerequisites add to your demolition budget.

Machinery And Labour

The tools and workers required influence how much you’ll pay. Using heavy equipment like excavators and bulldozers costs more but saves on labour. Manual demolition with crowbars and sledgehammers requires more workers, so you’ll spend more on wages.

Disposal and Cleanup

Hauling away debris and cleaning up the lot also impacts your bottom line. Expect to pay. The more debris, the higher the fees.

Partial Demolition Costs

Partial demolition costs can really add up in Calgary too.

  • Roof removal: $4-$5 per sq ft. Costs vary based on roof size, age, and design.
  • Interior walls: $300-$10,000. Non-load-bearing walls are cheaper than load-bearing walls.
  • Driveways: $500-$3,000. Removal cost depends on driveway size and material.
  • Chimneys: $500-$10,000. A structural engineer assessment is required before removal.

All told, demolishing an average-sized home in Calgary will set you back $4,000 to $25,000. The exact amount depends on the specifics of your project. But with the right contractor and proper planning, you can tear down your house without breaking the bank.

How Demolition Compares To Deconstruction

Home deconstruction might not be as cheap as you think.

When tearing down your house, you’ve got two options: demolition or deconstruction. Demolition is the fast and cheap route, while deconstruction takes things apart carefully to salvage materials for reuse. For most homeowners, demolition makes more cents—it’s faster, more affordable, and requires less work.

Cost Comparison

Demolishing your house in Calgary will cost you $2 to $17 per square foot, depending on building materials, size, and disposal. Deconstruction, however, can cost thousands more due to the labour involved in dismantling the home piece by piece.

Time Comparison

If speed is a concern, demolition is your best bet. The crushing and flattening process can take as little as a week for a typical home. Deconstruction, however, can drag on for months as materials are carefully extracted and sorted. For every day a demolition crew is on-site, a deconstruction team will need 3 to 5 days to complete the same amount of work.

Environmental Impact

Deconstruction is eco-friendly since up to 90% of materials can be salvaged for reuse or donation. Demolition, on the other hand, sends most building materials straight to the landfill. If sustainability is a priority, deconstruction helps minimize waste and environmental damage. However, the time and money required often make demolition the more practical option for homeowners.

When deciding between demolition or deconstruction, weigh the pros and cons for your needs and budget. Demolition may be faster and more affordable, but deconstruction is better for the planet. Find the approach that suits you best. Your house, your choice!

Promising Rewards Await After Demolition

After demolition, you'll have the dream home you've always wanted. But of course, always prepare to spare a bit of cash!

If you’ve got visions of a spacious yard or custom dream home dancing in your head, be prepared to pay the piper. Demolishing that outdated bungalow or dilapidated garage isn’t going to come cheap. But armed with the facts about costs, permits, timelines and considerations, you can plan and budget properly to make your demolition and rebuilding dreams a reality.

Sure, it may require sacrifice and patience, but think of how sweet the reward will be when you’re sipping lemonade on your brand-new deck overlooking a yard that finally suits your needs and style.

The costs of demolition are fleeting, but the enjoyment of your new outdoor space will last for years to come. Start visualizing what’s possible – then get out your wallet and call in the wrecking crew!

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