Have you been considering updating your Calgary home outdoor areas, but you are unsure of which trends to consider to ensure the longevity of any updates made? At TNA Concrete, our team of landscaping contractors can advise you on 2021’s most popular outdoor enhancements that are sure to last beyond just one season.

Here are four of our favorite 2021 trends that are great considerations to refresh the look of your home.

1. Get social with front yard concrete patios for entertaining

Concrete patios are a great way to extend your home’s living areas. No longer confined to just entertaining inside your home, you can make full use of these patios for outdoor dining, relaxing, and just connecting with friends and loved ones.

If you already have an outdoor concrete patio, but it needs some fixing and repair, concrete resurfacing done by your landscaping contractors will ensure the area is smoothed out and restored to be as good as new. If you like, you could also request different colors or design styles as part of your concrete patio’s makeover – just ensure that it is a design that has a classic, timeless feel and won’t become dated after one season. 

2. Backyard Relaxation Zones 

Does your backyard stretch for days on end? Why not consider getting your landscaping contractors team, such as TNA Concrete in Calgary, to create a dedicated area for relaxation. This area can be anything from a beautiful gazebo with an outdoor dining area to a backyard concrete patio with a fire pit.

If you already have a backyard concrete area but need to repair cracks and other damage to it, concrete resurfacing is a perfect consideration. Concrete resurfacing will ensure the area is improved and will make it more appealing as an area where you can entertain friends and family.

3. Enjoy creativity with your garden’s design

Your garden’s design needn’t be restricted to just the usual grass, flowers, and trees.  One of the big – and also fun – trends of 2021 is to go for unique designs such as outdoor kitchens. This ties in with the bringing the indoors outside trend, so consider enhancing your outdoor living with typical activities you enjoy indoors!

TNA Concrete - Top Landscaping Trends For 2021

TNA Concrete – Top Landscaping Trends For 2021

4. Grow your own veggie garden! 

Vegetable gardens are still big news – especially in the past year when people started looking for sustainable options to grow vegetables during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maintaining this trend can not only enhance the functionality of your outdoor landscape but also save you money too! Landscaping contractors, such as TNA Concrete in Calgary, can advise you on the best vegetables suited for your garden and our climate. We will help ensure you reap all the benefits of home-grown vegetables by also guiding you in how to take care of your veggie garden too!

Tap into these superb landscaping trends and enjoy your home’s outdoor areas anew!

As expert landscaping contractors in Calgary, we have the expertise and experience to help you create exceptional outdoor designs. Contact us today and let us help you refresh your outdoor areas with on-trend looks that you will love for years to come!