Also known as imprinted or textured concrete, Stamped Concrete is a concrete surface solution that resembles stones such as flagstone, brick, wood, tiles and much more. This versatile and beautiful application is mostly used to add beauty and character to outdoor spaces, but it can also be featured inside buildings. 

Stamped Concrete which easily imitates exotic surfaces is popular due to its limitless pattern and colour choices that complete and add aesthetic value to walkways, fire pits, patios, pool decks, courtyards, driveways, and more. 


The Stamping Process

The Stamped Concrete process takes place when a slab of properly mixed concrete is poured at 4 inches thick. Stamps are then used to create designs on the surface just before the cement is set and the drying process is complete. 

What Makes Stamped Concrete A Perfect Surface Solution 

  • Sustainability
    • Stamped Concrete offers sustainable benefits when compared to other surface cover alternatives such as brick and stone. 
  • Maintenance
    • If installed and sealed properly, a stamped cover requires little care and can last up to 25 years. It is recommended to re-seal the concrete every 3-4 years. 
  • Installation
    • It can be tedious but the installation of Stamped Concrete is less time consuming when compared to setting stone on your surfaces.
  • Customization
    • Stamped Concrete offers diverse options when it comes to designs, texture, and colour for your surface. It can be altered to meet your preferred style. 
  • Cost
    • You can save on resources with Stamped Concrete. Other surface options cost more in the long run due to repair and maintenance costs.
  • Durability
    • Due to its weather-resistant and top-notch durability features, the textured concrete lasts long making it a suitable choice for any outdoor space.
  • Slip Resistant
    • If the textured concrete is well treated with a non-skid additive during the sealing procedure, it becomes resistant to slip and this minimizes the risk of accidents especially during those cold and harsh winter months.


Low-Cost Ideas For Sustainable Stamped Concrete 

Though considered a cost-efficient option, Stamped Concrete has the power to enhance the functionality of any surface while creating an eye-catching look without compromising on quality. TNA Concrete has the expertise in installing Stamped Concrete for any surface and believes that the client plays a major role in the successful completion of the project by considering the following recommendations during their install.

Maintain One Design For The Whole Space

You may be inclined to have different designs on your outdoor area but this may confuse the eye. It is wise to choose one pattern to flow throughout your entire outdoor space. This will give a consistent and complete impression. 

Choose a pattern with a minimal colour mix. Stamped Concrete gives you the flexibility to use any tone of colour you want. The downside of choosing multiple colours is that it will cost more. Keeping to a single or double colour pattern will equally give your space the beauty you desire. Just make sure that the colour you choose blends in with the exterior of your house. Remember that sometimes simple is better.

Add A Border

To add a lasting and appealing complete look to your simple driveway or patio, add a border, stamp it and leave the rest of the area smooth. You do not need to stamp the whole area. By stamping the border, you give your space a more unique look. 

Extend The Border

 If you opt to stamp the borders instead of stamping the entire space, consider extending the border area. For instance, you can ensure that the walkway, patio, all paths, and entries get the same border you have on your driveway. This is a rather effective way that has a huge impact when adding value to your outdoors.

Add Curves

Square shapes that feature straight lines are very common in most properties in Calgary. Be different and incorporate curves in your imprinted concrete pattern. Make use of the fact that the concrete can be poured into any shape but size can change the layout of the design. Instead of a rectangle patio, turn it into an interesting and catchy semi-circle patio. Curve patterns tend to easily blend in beautifully with landscaping and create an intricate flow with the rest of your outdoor space. By shaping your concrete mix, you greatly add to the value of your property.

TNA Concrete

Tips To Make Your Stamped Concrete Last Longer

Here at TNA Concrete, we are professionals in the concrete industry. We are thorough in each stamping process to ensure that there is a firm foundation for the entire project that will help develop a durable Stamped Concrete cover with an alluring finish. Over the 30 years, we have learned what works best and we follow a few steps to ensure success every single time:

  • Balanced Concrete Mix
    • Making sure that the concrete mix is well balanced for the specific project.
  • Preparing The Foundation
    • The subgrade is Properly prepared to ensure that it is strong and well compacted.
  • Reinforcement
    • Adding rebar or wire mesh at mid-depth of your slab thickness.
  • Avoid Too Much Water
    • We avoid using too much water as this will greatly reduce the concrete strength and the patterns and impressions on the concrete may not hold up.
  • Use Quality Sealers
    • Using a high-quality sealer will ensure that the cement is safe from corrosion and maintain the glossy look of the imprinted concrete. It needs to be reapplied every 3-4 years or anytime the surface appears dull. 
  • Surface Cleaning
    • Clean the surface. The salts and chemicals on your concrete may undergo certain processes such as erosion that may make water, minerals, and rocks chip at the concrete and wear it. To minimize the risk of naturally caused damage on the surface, make sure your concrete is always clean. 
  • Use Carpets or Rugs
    • Furniture of legs can remove the top sealant cover and cause damage to the surface over time due to the constant pulling and moving. To minimize this damage, use rugs and carpets to protect the Stamped Concrete from stains and wear from the furniture. You can also add to its life by adding an overhead cover to protect it from Calgary’s weather elements such as the sun, rain and snow. 
  • Manage Weeds & Plants
    • Manage the plants around your stamped cover. Make sure that the plants around do not have roots that will extend deeper and cause inner damage and cracks to the concrete foundation. Keep the roots trimmed to minimize such damage. 

By following all of TNA’s recommendations, you can create a lasting and beautiful impression on your outdoor space! Learning how to incorporate diverse shapes, colours, and patterns will ensure your Stamped Concrete looks better than your neighbours. Contact Calgary’s TNA Concrete today if you need professional advice on the Stamped Concrete options that will suit and add value to your property.