TNA Concrete - Winter Damage: How To Protect Your Concrete

Winter Damage: How To Protect Your Concrete

As durable as concrete is, and no matter how confident you are that these outdoor structures can withstand the elements, there is no denying that winter damage on concrete is a reality for many homeowners. Concrete companies in Calgary would without doubt affirm this fact, having first-hand seen how this damage can happen at homes across the board. 

The reason is quite simple: Over time, concrete can crack, or even shrink due to a change in temperature. In winter especially, concrete can be susceptible to flaking due to repeated freezing and thawing cycles. This means that these colder months can often be a time when concrete contractors in Calgary are called in to do damage control.

However, homeowners are not completely at a loss to prevent winter damage to the outdoor concrete of their properties. With the assistance of expert concrete companies in Calgary, such as TNA concrete, damage can be preempted and stopped in its tracks. Here are three ways to protect your concrete from winter damage.

1. Call in concrete repair experts to repair any possible cracks and damage in your concrete

Ask any member of concrete repair companies in Calgary and they will tell you that prevention is better than cure if you want to ensure no further damage to your concrete happens. By repairing and patching cracks and other areas that need fixing, you can ensure that these areas are not further damaged due to temperature changes during cooler months.

Concrete contractors in Calgary will typically add a flexible sealant to any cracks in your outdoor concrete structures. This sealant will provide the flexibility that you need to prevent any further damage. It is important to bear in mind that if your property has extensive damage, to not be tempted to go it alone with repairs. Rather contact a leading concrete repair company in Calgary that will give you the best possible service.

2. Consider asking your concrete contractors to seal your concrete 

Ice and snow are often responsible for concrete damage during winter. However, employing the services of concrete companies in Calgary to seal all your concrete surfaces will enable you to protect your outdoor spaces as moisture penetration that can cause concrete to shrink will be prevented. Be sure to contact a concrete repair company in Calgary to help you get the job done!

3. Don’t be tempted to pour salt on your concrete during winter

Ask any concrete contractor in Calgary and they will tell you that pouring salt on concrete in winter is a big no. Not only does pouring salt on concrete pose a risk for corrosion, but it also can cause your concrete to flake and crack. Rather take a logical approach of shoveling away ice and snow on your walkways to reduce the risk of ice damage. And if you truly need to add something to the surface, rather choose materials such as sand or even gravel.

TNA Concrete - Winter Damage: How To Protect Your Concrete

Prevent winter damage today – call in the experts! 

As one of the leading concrete companies in Calgary, TNA Concrete can assist in ensuring all damage is repaired on your outdoor concrete surfaces. Contact us today and let us ensure that your surfaces are restored and protected by experts in the concrete industry. We guarantee exceptional results and peace of mind that you are protected against any future damages!